Training as an Equine Physiotherapist & Osteopath

According to the proprietary training plan "Osteopathic Equine Therapy after Welter-Böller" for vets and physiotherapists

If you want to improve and/or retain the performance of a horse, equine physiotherapy is an important aid for the trainer and rider and it effectively supports rehabilitation after veterinary treatment.


Physical measures such as cold and heat therapy, Kneipp's affusions and electrotherapy supplement the manual and osteopathic techniques such as massage as well as mobilisation and manipulation treatment of the joints.


An individual training program ensures muscular stabilisation of the horse.



• Anatomy

• External appraisal

• Adspection with motion analysis

• Biomechanics 

• Evaluation an documentation

• Osteopathy/manual therapy

• Palpation

• Massage 

• Soft-tissue techniques

• Muscular extensions

• Theoretical and practical training therapy 

• Laser/magnetic field
• Ice/heat therapy
• Saddle knowledge
• Fascial technique
• Practical treatment of horses

• Case examples


Team of lecturers 

The team of lecturers is made up of vets and equine physiotherapists and osteopaths.


We reserve the right to change the course schedule and lecturers.

The practical training takes place on the spacious facilities and/or in the indoor riding school, please bring suitable clothing and working shoes with you.


Vets and human physiotherapists can obtain FN (German Equestrian Federation) recognition for the course. The longeing badge is a prerequisite in this case.



Costs & procedure  

Course fee per unit 510.00 euros

There are seven units, each of which lasts from Wednesday to Sunday. (330 teaching units including examination)

Examination fee 340.00 euros (two-day examination) plus fee for the FN accreditation examination of 65.00 euros

Tuition is from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (one-hour midday break) and ends at around 1.00 p.m. on Sundays.



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Recommended reading

ABC OF THE HORSE, Pauli Grönberg





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Leider können wir das Mitbringen von Hunden in unsere Seminarräume nicht mehr gestatten. (Ausnahme sind die Aus- und Fortbildungen im Rahmen der Hundeosteopathie.)




Neue Termine für 2021

in Schneverdingen:

Ausbildung zum funktionellen Bodentrainer,


Weiterbildung zum OsteoConcept Coach,


Ausbildung zum osteopathischen Pferdetherapeuten für alle Berufsgruppen.


Akupuntkur bei Störungen des Bewegungsapparates des Hundes Beginn: 14.01.2021 in Overath



Neue Termine!

Osteopathie-Masterclass - viszerale Osteopathie in Schneverdingen



Januar 2021

Ausbildung zum osteopathischen Hundetherapeuten

in Overath




Noch freie Plätze! Online-Seminar